Dr. Wilford Bailey
Class of 1995

Category: Distinguished Alabama Sportsman

Wilford S. Bailey was born in 1921 in East Morgan County, Alabama in the Cotaco/Summerville area. He graduated from Hartselle High School in 1938, and in 1942 he received his Veterinary Medicine from Auburn University. He added a Master’s Degree and a Doctorate from Johns Hopkins University. In 1958, he joined the Auburn Faculty Athletic Committee. Eight years later he became the Vice President for academics and Administrative Affairs. From 1976 through 1985, he served as Chairman of the CFA’s Faculty Representatives. For eight years he was the Executive Secretary of the Southeastern Conference, and in 1987 he began serving a two year term as President of the National Collegiate Athletic Association. In addition, in 1983 he assumed Presidency of Auburn University and served until of March of 1984. His extensive background in collegiate athletics, his role as an educator, and his unquestioned integrity prepared him for his role as a top Administrator in the complex area of intercollegiate athletics.  

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