Frequently Asked Questions

How is someone nominated for the Alabama Sports Hall of Fame?

Any resident of the State of Alabama can nominate an individual for the Hall of Fame. Send a letter to Scott Myers, P.O. Box 10163, Birmingham, AL 35202 stating the nominees name and your name and address. We will get back to you with an acknowledgement.

What determines if someone is eligible for the Hall of Fame?

Any person born in the State of Alabama or anyone who has, through athletic exploits, brought fame and glory to the state may be considered for election.

How is the selection process conducted?

In July of each year, the Board of Directors meets to determine a ballot from the 275+ nominees. These names are sent to a statewide selection committee. They vote, the votes are sent to an independent accounting firm and the Hall of Fame is notified of the top 50%. A second ballot is sent out following the same procedure and the Hall of Fame is then notified of the results. Nominations must be in by June 1 of each year to be considered. The class for the following year is announed in October.

Why are there great athletes who haven't been selected for induction?

There can be several reasons. The first, and perhaps the most misunderstood, is that they haven't been nominated. According to the Alabama Legislature any citizen of the state can nominate an athlete but that nomination must be sent to the Hall of Fame. Sometimes it is assumed that someone has been nominated when in fact they have not. Another reason is their current status as athletes. Athletes must have been retired for one year or over the age of 40 if still competing in their sport to be considered for induction.