The Alabama Sports Hall of Fame is proud to join hands with the Alabama High School Athletic Association (AHSAA) in promoting the Bryant-Jordan Student-Athlete Program. The purpose of the program is to recognize Alabama high school students who have achieved a high level of success (in relation to their own ability), not only athletically, but academically as well and to reward those considered most outstanding. In many ways, this parallels the purpose of the Alabama Sports Hall of Fame whose responsibility is to recognize those who have achieved the excellence that would bring lasting fame to themselves and to the State of Alabama.

There are three main objectives to be reached by the Bryant-Jordan Program:

  1. To call attention to the general public the fact that academic success and participation in athletics are indeed compatible, and more prevalent than recent publicity would have one think. Participation in athletics should be encouraged, for in the great majority of cases it serves as a real motivational force for success in academics, not failure.
  2. To showcase and reward the scholar-athlete and achievement award winners in an attempt to motivate all student athletes to be the “best they can be”.
  3. To broaden the identity of and the support of the Alabama Sports Hall of Fame throughout the state.

The Bryant-Jordan Student-Athlete Program is housed at the Alabama Sports Hall of Fame. For more information, please contact executive assistant Shelton Thompson at (205) 397-7775 or email her at

Visit the Bryant-Jordan Student-Athlete Program website at